Mexico will host the Common Action Forum, discussing proposals for global development.

• This 14 October, Mexico will host the fifth Common Action Forum, to initiate a global dialogue about development at both the national and international level.

• World renowned figures from 10 countries will gather in Mexico City to engage in a conversation about, “A New Path to Development.”

Mexico City 5 September 2019.- Common Action Forum (CAF) and the Foundation for Reinventing Mexico announced, at allied institution the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, the upcoming 5th installment of the Common Action Forum’s Annual Forum, which brings together renowned academics, politicians, journalists and activists from more than 10 countries on a yearly basis in order to engage in an inspiring dialogue that seeks innovative proposals. This October 14, 2019 is the first time the Forum will be held in Mexico City.

Mexico is the first country in Latin America to hold CAF’s Annual Forum. The City of Mexico will host a debate regarding, “A New Path to Development,” offering a transdisciplinary and multicultural discussion.

“Thanks to this great event, we are creating a space to forge networks and alliances, working towards discussions aimed at promoting development. It was a great effort on the part of the Reinventing Mexico Foundation team to bring global visibility to this event, which will be held annually in Mexico until at least the year 2024,” explained Javier López Casarín, Reinventing Mexico Foundation President.

Head of the City’s Fund for Tourism, Paola Félix Díaz, offered, “Thanks to Common Action Forum, The City of Mexico is at the center of international discussions that pursue solutions to the challenges of today, including increasing economic inequalities, the social impact of technology, or the ecological limits of the planet.”

“Problems including poverty or global warming are only part of a reality that no longer allows us to think in terms of local utopias. Citizens and the intellectual, political and economic elite must invariably obtain a new regenerative heterotopia. This means going beyond reform, to conceptually change how we think and act to usher in a new era,” maintained Rafael Heiber, Executive Director of the Common Action Forum.

In this effort, CAF and the Reinventing Mexico Foundation are constructing a space for reflection within the framework of the new political ethos pervading Mexico, and CAF 2019 will serve as unique laboratory with potential to inspire the entire region, as well as the world, via four working sessions with local and international panelists. Marcelo Ebrard, Rebeca Grynspan, Celso Amorim, Magadalena Sepúlveda, Andrés Arauz, Alicia Puyana, Eduardo Barcesat, Leticia Merino, John Ralston, Cecilia Nahon and Mélanie Dulong will share their experience on topics of social relevance.

Based in Madrid, Common Action Forum is a transnational foundation dedicated to establishing progressive platforms of cooperation, and supporting global solutions to today’s problems. The non-profit organization was founded in Madrid, Spain in 2015, and carries our projects and research via collaborative networks with universities, institutions and activists, among others.

Attendance of the Common Action Forum is via advance registration, and those interested can request their admission via


About the Reinventing Mexico Foundation
Presided over and founded by Javier López Casarín, who holds a doctorate honoris causa degree from the Mexican Academy of International Law and serves as an expert in social innovation and technology, FRaM is a young, non-profit organization that aims to promote and develop a necessary thought community in Mexico: a network capable of leading critical change for the country and to offer alternatives for a more prosperous and sustainable future. As part of this strategy, FRaM works to promote the visibility of lower-profile, avant-garde and participatory international events, seeking to establish our country as the epicenter of relevant debates and as an unparalleled reference within Latin America. Via these aims, collaborations like this one arise, bringing CAF2019 to CDMX.


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