Following a format of extensive individual interviews, the CAF Podcast takes a closer look at pressing global issues through the eyes of our most outstanding members and collaborators.

CAF Podcast ep.1/2023
Jean Wyllys

Jean Wyllis joins to discuss the assault on the main seats of power in Brazil, and the challenges and crossroads the country faces.

[ Spanish audio ]

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CAF Podcast ep.2/2022
Ramzy Baroud

Ramzy Baroud talks about his newest book, reflecting on the nature of liberation, the Palestinian cause and the ramifications of the Russo-Ukranian war.

CAF Podcast ep.1/2022
Thembisa Fakude

Thembisa Fakude reflects on contemporary South African politics and the key lessons of the anti-apartheid fight.

CAF Podcast ep.3/2021
Arlene Clemesha

Arlene Clemesha reflects on the current state of affairs in Afghanistan and the factors behind the Taliban’s return to power.

CAF Podcast ep.2/2021
Ayo Obe

Ayo Obe provides us with key insights on the ongoing security crisis in Nigeria and corresponding international and regional factors.

CAF Podcast ep.1/2021
Wadah Khanfar

Wadah Khanfar explains his perspective on the COVID-19 global pandemic and the geopolitical shifts in the Middle East.