This event is designed to serve as CAF’s yearly official gathering. Each November, all formal members have the opportunity to meet in Madrid, debate specific topics in round-table sessions and participate in the planning of institutional activities. Apart from the public opening, the rest of the program remains closed session for invited guests.

New perspectives for the israel-palestine conflict: a roadmap for global justice in the 21st century

Madrid, 20 November 2021


It has been 30 years since the Madrid Peace Conference paved the way for the Oslo Accords, and almost 20 have passed since the Quartet on the Middle East sat down again in that same city to define its «roadmap for peace.» This gap in time is reason enough to posit that these international instruments have served the primary purposes of establishing geographical and demographical transformation in Palestine, at the expense of citizen interests—regardless of ethnicity or religion—in order to defend reprehensible political interests. Meanwhile, this whole time, the despair of a dispossessed, oppressed and besieged Palestine is increasing. In parallel, the Jewish community, after the Holocaust tragedy, becomes victimized once again. The whole process has become an alienated dispositive of action and the carrier of unattainable aspirations. Today, Jerusalem represents an open wound, Tel-Aviv a schizophrenic symbol, Gaza a shadow of a city under a permanent state of siege and apartheid regime, and the West Bank a land ruined by the perversity of ethnic cleansing.

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The irrefutable meta-crisis: challenges and opportunities after COVID-19

Madrid, November 2020


2020 is a turning point in modern history. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, we were already experiencing profound social, political and geopolitical tensions. Now, in an unprecedented way, we live in a world as mired in uncertainty as it is eager for change. Essentially, it is urgent to find a way to reimagine and build the future, together. For this reason, in exceptional circumstances, OCTAGON 2020 takes place this year as an open, virtual meeting. It gathers, as always, members and guests of CAF, and this time their reflections will be shared publicly.

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The era of (in) security

Madrid, 22 – 24 November 2019


In an era of increasing securitization and its opaque implications, a range of actors beyond the traditional nation-state compete for legitimacy, framing societal, technological, economic and environmental dangers. Since these same agents eventually define the collective conditions of risks and hold the control in a true regime of security, it is essential to analyze the scope of securitization: who claims ownership of it, why this rhetoric is built and how, and which audiences remain objects or willing participants in the language of security and de-securitization. In particular, it is key to examine the political strategies of power underlying narratives and counter-narratives such as terrorism, corruption, climate change, economic crash and migration, and how these narratives are coopted by the security field in order to manipulate, dominate and regulate public opinion and policy.

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