All manner of seminars, courses, conferences, and press briefings with high-profile participants similarly constitute a significant proportion of CAF activities. These formats allow for the discussion of timely matters in alternative platforms, with the collaboration of institutions and other partners, generating awareness through more extensive media coverage and engaging public opinion and participation.

Democracy and the new progressive wave in Latin America.
From the Bolivian experience to the Brazilian elections

Madrid, Spain | September 12th, 2022
María Zambrano Hall, Círculo de Bellas Artes

1st SESSION – 17:00 hs
Brazil at the crossroads: democratic crisis and electoral scenarios

Panelists: Jean Wyllys (Brazil) – Izadora Brito (Brazil) – Denise Dora (Brazil)
Moderator: Paulo Abrão (Brazil)

2nd SESSION – 18:30 hs
They came back, and they are millions, The process of change in Bolivia and its regional implications
[A discussion based on the book Volvieron y son millones, El proceso de cambio en Bolivia (2005-2020), Akal]

Panelists: Álvaro García Linera (Bolivia) – María Lois (Spain) – Guillaume Long (Ecuador)
Moderator: Rafael Heiber (Brazil)
Institutional welcome: Jesús Espino, Editor of Akal

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UIMP – Summer University

Multidisciplinary dialogue between science and religion: getting together in pandemic times

Organization: UIMP – CSIC – CAF

01 September – 03 September, 2021

Interaction between science and religion is a very relevant social topic, although it has almost exclusively been approached from an academic perspective, often remaining controversial in nature. This seminar proposed a constructive and unbiased dialogue on the relationship between science and religion, incorporating a societal dimension in addition to the academic.

ONLINE COURSE / Virtual Classroom UIMP

CAF is offering 10 free enrollments.

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LAWFARE – Intensive course

Supported by: CARTA CAPITAL – CAF

30 August, 2019 – São Paulo, Brazil

Intensive course for 250 experts to explore the definition of Lawfare, its origins and main cases around the world.
Speakers: Cristiano Zanin, Valezka Teixeira, Rafael Valim and others.

LAWFARE – Committee workshop


22 May, 2019 – Madrid, Spain

Cooperation between the Lawfare Institute and Common Action Forum in establishing an international committee to analyze and combat Lawfare. Participants: Guillaume Long, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Rafael Heiber, Renata Ávila and Valeska Zanin.

IAPSS – World Congress 2019

Organization: IAPSS – UCM – CAF

20 – 25 May, 2019 – Madrid, Spain

The IAPSS World Congress 2019 addressed the topic «Overcoming Injustice» with the participation of hundreds of international students who presented papers, participated in workshops and attended thematic sessions, such as the one presented by Herta Däubler-Gmelin.

LAWFARE – Committee workshop


16 April, 2019 – São Paulo, Brazil

Cooperation between the Lawfare Institute and Common Action Forum in establishing an international committee to analyze and combat Lawfare. Participants: Celso Amorim, Cristiano Zanin, Daniela Exposito, Eduardo Barcesat, Gabriel Chamorro, Mariana Lacerda, Rafael Ferreira, Rafael Heiber, Renata Avila, Valeska Teixeira and William Bourdon.

OSLO AT 25 – An illusive peace

Organization: USP – MEMO – CAF

22 – 23 October, 2018 – São Paulo, Brazil

Academics, politicians, journalists and activists convened for two days in a conference at São Paulo University, Brazil, co-sponsored by CAF, to discuss the Oslo peace process after 25 years, explain why the process has continued for so long with no tangible success and outline possible future scenarios.

The gathering fomented thought, debate and discussion with proposals for further collaboration in order to address this ongoing and ever-pressing conflict and human rights concern.

SEMINAR CAF – A progressive call to sustain democracy and the multipolar order

Participants: Felipe González, Rebeca Grysnpan, Celso Amorim, Baltasar Garzón…

17 September, 2018 – Madrid, Spain

In light of events and processes throughout the world that endanger social cohesion and global progress, the Common Action Forum (CAF), alongside partner the Perseu Abramo Foundation, with organizational collaboration from Casa de América, worked together to create a two part international seminar series addressing threats to democracy and the rise of populism and isolationism.

CONVERSATION WITH WADAH KHANFAR – The Gulf Crisis, Qatar, Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network

Participants: Javier Solana, Celso Amorim, Pedro Rojo…

04 July, 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Former Director General of Al-Jazeera Television Network and current President of CAF, Mr. Khanfar addressed «The Gulf Crisis, Qatar Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network» over a a breakfast gathering of twenty experts and media.

The discussion was conducted by Mr. Pedro Rojo, President of Fundación Al Fanar, a collaborating entity that leads the Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media, and moderated by Rafael Heiber, Director and Co-Founder of Common Action Forum.

SEMINAR CAF – Ibero-American countries and their role in light of the Trump administration

Co-organized by Casa de América

03 July, 2017 – Madrid, Spain

The conference was open to the public, featuring Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico DF’s Former Head of Government, and Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spain’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, moderated by José María Forte, Director of Radio 5, and opened by Wadah Khanfar, Chairman of CAF.

CONGRESS – Brazilian perspectives on Palestine in a changing Middle East

06 December, 2016 – São Paulo, Brazil

The seminar was organized by the Center for Arab Studies and the Institute of International Relations (USP), Middle East Monitor (London) and Common Action Forum (Madrid), and gathered leading experts and commentators in order to explore the shifting paradigm in the Middle East and the struggle for Palestinian self-determination.