CAF carries out transversal projects and research via collaborative networks involving experts, intellectuals, journalists, activists, policy makers, stakeholders and artists. We believe that research must be complemented by practical initiatives to produce real and tangible outcomes that have a social impact. Therefore, CAF develops, supports and commits to projects based on collectivity, cosmopolitanism and citizenship.

liQen Project

LiQen is a project of an online platform to identify socio-environmental sensibilities, allowing citizens, to report problems such as pollution (acoustic, atmospheric, visual and residual…) and misuse of urban equipment or public spaces.  A mobile app will communicate and map environmental conflicts in the city, adding crowdsourced data to the local open databases, with the possibility of amending, editing or replacing already existing data. As an important innovation, citizens will receive real-time feedback to ascertain if the information collected already exists in the database. Besides the participation of the community to improve the quality of their areas, the platform will help in generating guidelines for a better use and occupation of the urban space, considering social habits and geo-ecological specificities to leverage better policy making.  


The Common Action Forum of Spanish Education Institutes (CAFSEI) initiative intends to form leaders and active members of the globalized society for the future, beginning from their last stages at High School through teachings in Political Sciences, International Relations, Geopolitics, Economics and Sociology, as well as disciplines such as public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution and group management. In this regard, we will select a number of students from the schools in Madrid to form them under the Model United Nations (MUNs) and eventually take part in the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN), a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually in downtown Boston.


The Refugees Map is an interactive tool intended to empower and optimize transnational actions against the current migration crisis. Based on a crowdsourcing platform, it is targeted at organizations, media and volunteers assisting refugees around the world. It is easy to use and features intuitive user interface.

Favelado 2.0 – Building Hacks for the Future

Young people hold society’s future, and we should be very strong advocates of their education and ensure equal opportunities to access it. The GatoMÍDIA project wants to empower youths from depressed economic environments in Brazil by breaking down technologies barriers. CAF joined this initiative that hosted in March a residency on Media and Technology: Favelado 2.0 – Construindo Gambiarras para o Futuro (Slum Dweller 2.0 – Building Hacks for the Future). During two weeks, twenty selected youths partook in debates on the following topics: photography 2.0, script for programs on YouTube, creative text construction, activism on the web, collaborative coverage, social media, creativity 2.0, fanzine 2.0, hacking Facebook, project elaboration and undertaking ideas.

19 Million Project

Common Action Forum is partner of 19 Million Project, an alliance of journalists, coders, designers, digital strategists, and global citizens from all over the world, which comes together to drive global action to address the spiralling migration crisis of the estimated 19 million people a year who are forced to flee their countries and risk their lives as they attempt to escape persecution, conflict and war.