This event is designed to serve as CAF’s yearly official gathering. Each November, all formal members have the opportunity to meet in Madrid, debate specific topics in round-table sessions and participate in the planning of institutional activities. Apart from the public opening, the rest of the program remains closed session for invited guests.



Madrid, 22 – 24 November 2019 

In an era of increasing securitization and its opaque implications, a range of actors beyond the traditional nation-state compete for legitimacy, framing societal, technological, economic and environmental dangers. Since these same agents eventually define the collective conditions of risks and hold the control in a true regime of security, it is essential to analyze the scope of securitization: who claims ownership of it, why this rhetoric is built and how, and which audiences remain objects or willing participants in the language of security and de-securitization. In particular, it is key to examine the political strategies of power underlying narratives and counter-narratives such as terrorism, corruption, climate change, economic crash and migration, and how these narratives are coopted by the security field in order to manipulate, dominate and regulate public opinion and policy.