“You confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity”.

– Parks Tau

CAF2018 | Global racial polarisation and the rise of right-wing politics

10 & 11 November 2018 – Johannesburg, South Africa

Countries are increasingly becoming antagonistic towards immigrants and minorities for a number of sociopolitical and economic reasons. There has been a rise of radical anti-immigration and right wing movements across Europe in particular. In Africa, tribal tensions are once again emerging threatening development in the continent. Furthermore the conflict in Syria, regarded as one of the greatest catastrophe of our time, has impacted tremendously on the plight of refugees. Moreover, as geographical borders get redrafted across the globe, there are thousands who find themselves internally displaced and stranded for relief.


OSLO AT 25 | An illusive peace

22 & 23 October 2018 – São Paulo, Brazil

Academics, politicians, journalists and activists convened for two days in a conference at São Paulo University, Brazil, co-sponsored by CAF, to discuss the Oslo peace process after 25 years, explain why the process has continued for so long with no tangible success and outline possible future scenarios.

The gathering fomented thought, debate and discussion with proposals for further collaboration in order to address this ongoing and ever-pressing conflict and human rights concern. 

SEMINAR PARTICIPANTS: Felipe González, Celso Amorim, Gaspard Estrada.

CAF2018 | A progressive call to sustain democracy and the multipolar order.

17 September 2018 – Madrid, Spain

In light of events and processes throughout the world that endanger social cohesion and global progress, the Common Action Forum (CAF), alongside partner the Perseu Abramo Foundation, with organizational collaboration from Casa de América, worked together to create a two part international seminar series addressing threats to democracy and the rise of populism and isolationism. 

CAF2017 |  The Limits of Inequality: seeking a sustainable society.

04 & 05 November 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Forty top academics, politicians, journalists, activists, artists, and members of civil society gather in Madrid in a three-day congress to collaborate in the pursuit of innovative proposals that address global inequalities and work towards a sustainable society.

This year, the Forum’s theme approaches increasing inequalities from the perspective of how citizens have been presented with new forms of control, accumulation, solidarity and freedom as a result of the advent of globalization and the information society.

CAF2017 |  Opening Conference ‘The Limits of Inequality’.

03 November 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Common Action Forum President and the renowned Spanish philosopher analyse global inequalities in a thought-provoking gathering open to the public in Madrid.

The event, moderated by Arlene Clemesha, Professor at São Paulo University, serves as the plenary session of CAF annual Forum, entitled this year The Limits to Inequality: seeking a sustainable society.


CONVERSATION WITH WADAH KHANFAR |  The Gulf Crisis, Qatar, Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network.

04 July 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Former Director General of Al-Jazeera Television Network and current President of CAF, Mr. Khanfar addresses ‘The Gulf Crisis, Qatar Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network’ over a a breakfast gathering of twenty experts and media.

The discussion is conducted by framer Mr. Pedro Rojo, President of Fundación Al Fanar, a collaborating entity that leads the Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media, and moderated by Rafael Heiber, Director and Co-founder of Common Action Forum.

CONFERENCE  |  Ibero-American countries and their role in light of the Trump administration.

03 July 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Conference open to the public featuring Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico DF’s Former Head of Government, and Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spain’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, moderated by José María Forte, Director of Radio 5, and opened by Wadah Khanfar, Chairman of CAF.

Co-organized by Casa de América, the round table entitled Ibero-American countries and their role in light of the Trump Administration discusses the opportunity Europe and Latin America have to strengthen their own connection with the advent of the Trump administration in the White House.

SEMINAR  |  Brazilian perspectives on Palestine in a changing Middle East.

06 December 2016 – São Paulo, Brazil

Seminar organized by the Center for Arab Studies and the Institute of International Relations (USP), Middle East Monitor (London) and Common Action Forum (Madrid), that gathers leading experts and commentators in order to explore the shifting paradigm in the Middle East and the struggle for Palestinian self-determination.

CAF2016  |  The Rise of Global Fear: Why is the world becoming less tolerant and more radical?

05 & 06 November 2016 – Madrid, Spain

Politicians, academics, activists, members of civil society and journalists from all over the world meet at Hotel Wellington, Madrid, to formulate a response to the spread of worldwide radicalism and decrease in tolerance in a two-day conference with corresponding workshops.

The event, which seeks to establish long-term networks of collaboration, focuses on the refugee crisis and migration and its corresponding media coverage, as examines the increase in populism in the European Union, and explores the need to redefine the concept of citizenship in an increasingly mobile world.

CAF2015  |  Steps of Progress in Times of Crisis

05 & 06 December 2015 – Madrid, Spain

More than 50 intellectuals, experts, activists, journalist and politicians gather for the launch of the Common Action Forum, aimed at providing a research and development platform for ideas and practical steps to make political and international systems fairer and more equal.

Six sessions serve to address the structural change in the international system, analysing the reasons why global economic and political organizations have failed in the equitable sharing of resources and governance, resulting in the increase of the rate of poverty and marginalization worldwide as well as a pervasive feeling of injustice and exclusion.