Annual Forum

CAF 2016

The Rise of Global Fear: Why Is The World Becoming Less Tolerant and More Radical?

The 2016 Common Action Forum sought to address emerging trends that threaten a cosmopolitan, international society united in solidarity. Events over the course of the year pointed to increased visibility of nationalisms, and a rhetoric of fear, on a global scale. The Forum focused on the challenge of humanitarian crises and the policy and debate surrounding current migration flows, with examples from the North American, South American, European and African continents.

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CAF 2015

Steps of Progress in Times of Crisis

The 2015 Common Action Forum was held for its first time in Madrid intending to become a reference annual round-table event. Six sessions served to address the structural change in the international system, analysing the reasons why global economic and political organizations have failed in the equitable sharing of resources and governance, resulting in the increase of the rate of poverty and marginalization worldwide as well as a pervasive feeling of injustice and exclusion.

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