Common Action Forum

The Common Action Forum – CAF – is an international non-profit foundation established in Madrid, Spain in 2015, working as a global network to bring together prominent and emerging experts from diverse backgrounds including academia, politics, media, civil society and culture.
Its mission is to establish independent platforms of cooperation, research, innovation and advisory in order to shape alternative solutions and empower global citizens to address socio-political issues and economic inequalities of our time.
The foundation advocates for the exchange of experiences and collective design of global strategies under progressive values. To reach active solutions, CAF supports dialogue, mediation, research and projects committed to justice, citizenship and alternative frameworks able to deal with contemporary challenges.


Wadah Khanfar

Co-founder & Chairman

Rafael Heiber

Co-founder & Executive Director

David Romero


Fernando Ron Martín

Secretary of the Board

Thembisa Fakude

Deputy Chairman

Bilaal Hoosein

Member of the Board

Mercedes Bellavista

Logistics Manager

Maribel Mateos

Regional Communications Manager

Andrés Lomeña

Program Associate

Romualdo Días

Professorial Research Associate

Patricio Cabello

Research Associate 

Jaime Capitel

Research Associate 

Konstantina Kostami

Research Associate

Fabio Pradera

Manager of the CAFSEI Project

Colleen Boland

Program Associate

Beatriz Tomé

Program Associate

Sara Liaño

Program Assistant

María G. Navarro

Professorial Research Associate

Cristian Hernández

Data Scientist Associate

Sofia Gohlke

Program Assistant

Miguel Goñi

Program Assistant

Carolina Barrero

Cultural Program Coordinator

Rafael Moya

Global Alliance Manager


Address: Calle Claudio Coello, 5, 28001 Madrid (Spain) Phone: +34 910 175 850