CAF2017 Opening conference ‘The Limits to Inequality’, with Antonio Escohotado and Wadah Khanfar

A thought-provoking gathering of 90 minutes discussion, where both experts will approach increasing inequalities from the perspective of how, with the advent of globalization and the information society, citizens have been presented with new forms of control, accumulation, solidarity and freedom.

Casa de América, Madrid
November 3rd, 2017 at 19:00 h. 
Free admission

Ibero-American countries and their role in light of the Trump administration

Conference open to the public featuring Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico DF’s Former Head of Government, and Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spain’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, moderated by José María Forte, Director of Radio 5.

03 July 2017, Casa de América, Madrid

Conversation with Wadah Khanfar: 'The Gulf Crisis, Qatar Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network'

An encounter with Wadah Khanfar, former Director General of Al-Jazeera Television Network and current President of
CAF, addressing The Gulf Crisis, Qatar Blockade and the Voice of the Al-Jazeera Network over a breakfast gathering of twenty experts and media. Framed by Pedro Rojo, President of Al Fanar Foundation, and moderated by Rafael Heiber, Cofounder and Director of CAF, with the special participations of Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO, and Celso Amorim,  Brazil’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

04 July 2017, Wellington Hotel, Madrid

CAF Annual Forum 2017

“The Limits to Inequality: seeking a sustainable society.”

CAF Annual Forum 2016

“The Rise of Global Fear: Why Is The World Becoming Less Tolerant and More Radical?”


The Refugees Map is an interactive tool intended to empower and optimize transnational action regarding the current migration crisis. Rooted in a crowd-sourcing platform, it is easy to use and features a very intuitive user interface through which anyone can “submit a report” in several categories. This allows the activist to register an initiative, its general information, location, available links and contact information.


liQen Project

LiQen Project seeks to identify and report environmental micro-conflicts around the world, mixing machine sensor data and human sensoring. Through a collaborative website and mobile app, citizens will be able to publicize gathered data in order to signal environmental problems in their cities.This data will be added to the local open databases, and a function will allow for the editing or replacing of already existing data. London, Madrid and Chile have been chosen as the starting point to map and collect this information. 



 05 -06 November 2016, Madrid, Spain. The Rise of Global Fear: Why Is The World Becoming Less Tolerant and More Radical?

Here you can check what was debated in our last forum during its round-table sessions.


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Conference ‘The Limits to Inequality’, with Antonio Escohotado and Wadah Khanfar

Nov 3rd 2017, Casa de América, Madrid. The Common Action Forum is hosting Wadah Khanfar and Antonio Escohotado, a renowned to analyze global inequalities in a discussion open to the public. The encounter will serve as the opening act for CAF2017 annual Forum entitled The Limits to Inequality: seeking a sustainable future.



Written by Andrés Lomeña, Psicopolis is a short film that shows how individual behaviour is a direct result of social constructions. The story takes place in a Faculty of Psychology where the professor transforms his class into a captivating theatre performance that shows how his theories might work in “real life.”


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