CAF2018 Annual Forum - Global Racial Polarisation and the Rise of Right-wing Politics

The CAF annual forum convenes top academics, politicians, journalists, activists, artists and members of civil society each year for an inspiring exchange in search of innovative proposals to pressing questions. This year, we will discuss racial polarization and right-wing politics in Johannesburg, South Africa from November 10-11.

SYMUN 2018

High school students from throughout Spain are gathering in Madrid for the second annual Spain Youth Model United Nations (SYMUN) to participate in a three-day congress modeled after UN meetings. The debates, talks and experiential programs encourage learning about and improving upon diplomacy. Co-organized by ANUDI and CAF, the participants will discuss international security, human rights, gender and education.

06-09 Nov 2018, Carlos III University, Madrid

Oslo at 25: An Illusive Peace

São Paulo University, Brazil, October 22-23

CAF2017 annual Forum - The Limits to Inequality: seeking a sustainable society

Forty top academics, politicians, journalists, activists, artists and members of civil society met in Madrid, November 3rd to 5th, in a three-day congress to collaborate in the pursuit of innovative proposals that address global inequalities and work towards a sustainable society.

Ibero-American countries and their role in light of the Trump administration

Conference open to the public featuring Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico DF’s Former Head of Government, and Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spain’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, moderated by José María Forte, Director of Radio 5.
03 July 2017, Casa de América, Madrid

Challenges of a Digital Society

The implications of digital changes for inclusion /exclusion in different areas of social life will be discussed at the Conference.
More specifically, the relationship between digital exclusion and other forms of inequality, especially the part of the digital media in the emergence of new social movements.

28.04.2018 – 20.04.2018, Santiago – Chile


Recent special investigations and leaks referred to as “The Panama Papers” have revealed the indisputable criminal behavior of those who open accounts and store profits in so-called “tax havens,” as well as have exposed those governments and financial entities that facilitate and accept such transfers and deposits. With the conviction that there is a need to limit inequalities pervading the people’s social reality, CAF provides these governments and social organizations with a draft international convention, discussed and developed over the course of its 2016 annual meeting.


The Refugees Map is an interactive tool intended to empower and optimize transnational action regarding the current migration crisis. Rooted in a crowd-sourcing platform, it is easy to use and features a very intuitive user interface through which anyone can “submit a report” in several categories. This allows the activist to register an initiative, its general information, location, available links and contact information.


International Seminar

A Progressive Call to sustain Democracy and the Multipolar Order

Madrid, 17 September 2018: Under the leadership of Celso Amorim, a series of two events were coordinated to discuss the current threats to democracy and multilateralism. The aim of this seminar is to strengthen progressive alliances regionally and globally. These alliances should defend and reinforce democratic values and practices, while working against the current populist and isolationist waves.

Both events include the participation of top intellectuals, politicians, journalist and experts such as Felipe González, Juan Luis Cebrián, Baltasar Garzón, Noam Chomsky and others…

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 03 -05 November 2017, Madrid, Spain. The Limits to Inequality: seeking a sustainable society


Common Action Forum @CommonActionCAF
"Castigating #WikiLeaks for not publishing leaks that damage all sides is to miss the point. It was established as…
Common Action Forum @CommonActionCAF
"La crisis fue una oportunidad para intensificar el modelo neoliberal y transferir recursos a los más poderosos a t…



Spain Youth Model United Nations is a program organized by  the Association for the United Nations and International Law (Anudi) and the Common Action Forum. A Model United Nations is a conference, usually lasting between three days and a week, where students from all over the world come together to step into the shoes of diplomats from all the UN member states in order to debate about topics concerning international relations. Moreover, a group of selected students will represent the program in Harvard in 2018.



Written by Andrés Lomeña, Psicopolis is a short film that shows how individual behaviour is a direct result of social constructions. The story takes place in a Faculty of Psychology where the professor transforms his class into a captivating theatre performance that shows how his theories might work in “real life.”


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