CAF Annual Forum 2016

“The Rise of Global Fear: Why Is The World Becoming Less Tolerant and More Radical?”
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The Refugees Map is an interactive tool intended to empower and optimize transnational action against the current migration crisis. Based on a crowd-sourcing platform, is easy to use and features a very intuitive user interface through which anyone can “submit a report” under several categories in order to register an initiative, its general information, location, available links and contact.
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Written by Andrés Lomeña, Psicopolis is a short film that shows how individual behaviour is a direct result of social constructions. The story takes place in a Faculty of Psychology where the professor transforms his class into a captivating theatre performance that shows how his theories might work in “real life”. CAF gladly supported the international version of the movie.
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The Internet Freedom Festival

6th-10th March 2017, Valencia, Spain. Journalists, activists, technologists, policy advocates, digital safety trainers, and designers will gather in the Internet Freedom Festival to support the online freedom of expression, protection from digital threats, and expanded access to online spaces. The general areas of interest that will be discussed during the gathering include journalism and media, technology and tools, and communications and design.

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liQen Project

LiQen Project seeks to identify and report environmental micro-conflicts around the world mixing machine sensor data and human sensoring. Through a collaborative web and a mobile app, citizens will be able to push data collected to signal environmental problems in their cities that will be added to the local open databases, with the possibility of editing or replacing already existing data. London, Madrid and Chile have been chosen as the starting point to map and collect perceptions. 

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CAF2016 - The Rise of Global Fear: Why Is The World Becoming Less Tolerant and More Radical?

Politicians, academics, activists, members of civil society and journalists from all over the world meet on November 5th and 6th at Hotel Wellington, Madrid, to formulate a response to the spread of worldwide radicalism and decrease in tolerance in a two-day conference with corresponding workshops.

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Common Action Forum @CommonActionCAF
Just registered to attend the Seminar 'Where is Russia headed?' organised by @rielcano @aprensamadrid #SeminarRussia
Common Action Forum @CommonActionCAF
@amnesty releases its annual report on the State of the World's #Humanrights. Documenting 159 countries during 2017
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